Adriano's Take-Away Roundwood

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Menu Adriano's Takeaway Roundwood

When it comes to Adriano's Takeaway Wicklow our restaurant type is a combination of pizza takeaway and meal deal. This might sound confusing at first but it really is simpler than it sounds. Our signature dishes are after all our unique meal deals. Unique and fun options that allow our clients to try out more than a single type of food at once. On that note, we really need to start with our pizza meal deals. Order one of them and get a 10" or 12" pizza of your choice with additional toppings as well as garlic bread and your choice of soda. And what pizzas do we carry? We carry all flavours you might want or even think about. Try out traditional flavours like the Margarita, Romana and Americana Pizzas. Or opt for a brand new dimension of flavour with custom flavours like Doner, Meat Feast and Four Seasons Pizzas. Some of the other meals you can find in our restaurant include a wide variety of burgers both chicken and meat-based. As well as kebab and multiple cod preparations for any preference or taste.

About Adriano's Takeaway Roundwood

Here at Adriano's Takeaway Wicklow we like food as much as you do, hence why we have committed to building such a unique and abundant menu. While Italian cuisine is undeniably one of our strongest sources of inspiration we have grown to adapt many other flavours to our menu. Flavours that we then make sure to add to our pizza experience. There are many unique dishes and cuisines in the world and food shouldn’t be about picking one above the other. That's why both our original recipes and meal deals integrate various inspirations at once. So you can truly eat all you like the way you like it.

Restaurant location Adriano's Takeaway Roundwood

We are currently located in the Wicklow area, on Main Street, Leinster; to be more specific we are currently located in Old School House Main Street Roundwood Co. Wicklow. This places us near to one of the major avenues for social gatherings and businesses, as well as placing us right next to the famous Old School House. An address that makes it both easy and practical to visit us on any given day. But if time is ever short don’t forget that we also offer takeaway, both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Adriano's Takeaway Wicklow, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. So order soon and discover all the new ways to enjoy pizza with us.

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